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Co-Create with Middle Road

Are you an organization or individual that would like to contribute to the MIddle Road? 

We are always interested in meeting partners who would like to co-create offerings that support a safe and healthy digital life for communities.

Ideal partners bring co-creative energy and one or more of the following:

  • Expertise and/or influence with a target group (e.g, youth)

  • Facilitation and networks with multiple stakeholders

  • Event hosting capacity.

Our partners so far are...


How we work

We deeply appreciate the work of filmmaker Liz Smith who directed and edited I Am Gen Z, a feature documentary about the impact of technology and social media on Generation Z (born 1997 - 2012). It premiered at CPH:Dox in May 2021 and continues to tour around festivals across the world. The film has now been distributed worldwide in Europe, MENA, Australia, North America, Scandinavia, Turkey, Russia and Asia. The film’s successful educational impact campaign has reached diverse communities across the world and won several prizes.

We are in close contact with Liz Smith and often with the movie I Am Gen Z to start a dialogue with the participants of our workshops.


Besonderes Angebot für alle öffentlichen Schulen in der Schweiz und dem Fürstentum Liechtenstein:


Dank der grosszügigen Unterstützung des Pädagogischen Zentrums PZ Basel steht der Film "I am Gen.Z" mit Untertiteln in allen Landessprachen zur Verfügung.

Lehrpersonen können so den Film zur Unterrichtsgestaltung verwenden. Mehr Informationen dazu sind im Flyer zu finden.

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