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About Us

Our goal is to empower children, youth and families, through co-learning in safe spaces, to move towards a sustainable digital life.

We work with youth, parents or youth providers (including schools, social workers, etc) to help them navigate a healthy 'middle road,' between the fear of online dangers and the fear of missing out on the connection and future skills that technology offers.

Our current focus themes include positive social media behavior, psychological safety and screen addiction (devices, games and/or apps).

Middle Road Momentum


Since its founding in early 2022, the Middle Road has evolved from a compelling concept to an emerging movement. Our first official Middle Road event, the premiere screening of i_am_Gen.Z in Switzerland, resulted in engaging communities in Basel and beyond:

  • Integration of ‘I am Gen Z’ in International School Basel’s Grade 7 Wellbeing curriculum this fall 

  • Translation of ‘I am Gen Z’ into German, French and Italian, to make the film accessible for all Swiss public schools.

  • Community screenings of ‘I am Gen Z’ with filmmaker Liz Smith in Basel (with PZ.BS) and in Zurich (with Girls in Tech Switzerland) 

  • Ongoing exploration of partnerships with Reactor, TPH, and more.

Our Mission

We co-create co-learning spaces so that  experts and influencers* help support a safe and healthy digital life.

*if you have a brain and a heart, you are an expert and influencer.

We founded the Middle Road in response to the concerns and hopes of parents. We envision a world where collective responsibility for the next generation is embedded across society, in our daily thoughts and actions. 

Meet the Team

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