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Middle Road
Safe & Healthy Digital Life

Our Purpose

We co-create co-learning spaces

so that experts and influencers help support

a safe and healthy digital life.

* if you use your brain and your heart,

you're an expert and an influencer.

What is Middle Road?

The term 'Middle Road' was born out of the hopes and concerns of parents looking for a third way that bridges the promise of technology while minimizing the harms technology can bring.  

We welcome individuals and organizations to co-learn and co-create with us, as we  build a path together toward this third way, Middle Road, a vision for a better future that incorporates the voices and experiences of youth.

Report from TeleBasel about our first parent workshop at Digital Days Basel, November 2021.

How Middle Road Works


Effective navigation of the uncertainty and constant changes in today's digital space requires simple, clear and trustworthy guidance and support.

Our Digital Well-Being Compass provides a framework for the Middle Road to work with partners to co-learn and co-create. We create safe spaces with aligned values and intentions, where young people can voice their priorities for online safety and health. 

Support Middle Road


Learn together with us and contribute your knowledge at one of our events.


Join us  in designing our next community solution and help youth create impact.

Support us

Support our work financially and help us expand the impact of youth.

Support us

safe & healthy
digital life!

Make a donation:

Middle Road
Küferweg 4
5722 Gränichen

CH13 8080 800 181 801 975 1
Raiffeisenbank Aarau-Lenzburg, 5000 Aarau

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